A filling is required when a cavity has been drilled out of a tooth. The purpose of a filling is to protect the tooth against bacteria entering the empty space leading to a root canal. The most often used materials are an amalgam of mercury, silver and zinc or a natural looking composite resin.

Why come to Swish Dental?

Swish Dental is a mercury free zone. The mercury in amalgam fillings is controversial, but we believe it’s poisonous and can leak, causing discoloring on adjacent teeth and can actually weaken the tooth. We use only the most expensive restorative resins with the least amount of shrinkage and best clinical trials for our fillings. Skilled Swish dentists, using the highest quality materials and newest equipment can have you in and out of the chair quickly. Your filling will be bonded to the natural tooth creating a tight, superior fit. Swish fillings are durable, tissue compatible, and kind to the opposing teeth. Our technique allows us to preserve the greatest amount of natural tooth structure and lower the complication rate. Color and shading can be matched to the existing tooth as well. We do recommend that all patients come back for a bite adjustment after getting fillings to insure the bite is perfect. Bite complications are almost unavoidable because the patient is numb.

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