COVID-19's Impact on Customers

Learn about how COVID-19 has impacted customers in the dental space and how Swish Smiles has adjusted to protect our patients and staff during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Response

Here are some of the measures we have added to protect our patients and staff during this current pandemic situation.  

We have added additional PPE such as KN95 masks, surgical gowns and caps and face shields for our staff. The staff is screened throughout the day and temperatures documented. We have ongoing reviews on proper use of PPE and OSHA protocols and the staff practices social distancing within the offices.

We have added plexiglass shields at all of our customer service areas. Air purifiers are being used throughout our offices.  We have changed the way we schedule patients to limit the number of patients in our offices.

Patients are pre screened with a Coronavirus screening questionnaire and their temperatures are documented. We have implemented the use of the Modento App, which allows our patients to check in for their appointments before entering the office, they can receive paperwork including registration documents, consent forms, and treatment plans in a paperless format.

Patients can also check in from their vehicle and wait until we are ready to seat them.

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our greatest priority.

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August 23, 2023