Meet our Founder, Dr. Viraj Desai DMD

Dr. Viraj Desai standing in front of a shelf in a Swish Dental studio


Professionally, I founded Swish Dental in Austin with a desire to do two things: change the way people feel about the dentist and empowerment of women in dentistry. Let's face it, people are not excited about visiting the dentist and as the industry becomes more corporate, the personal touch of a healthcare professional is lost.

At Swish, the focus is on elevating the patient experience through a comfort centric approach. My vision focuses on studios that are friendly, welcoming, and familiar places for people to receive care. To reflect that, the offices embody the unique characteristics of the Austin neighborhood they are a part of.

At every turn, Swish is innovating! I wanted to found a local dental group that is on the forefront of general and cosmetic dentistry. At Swish, we utilize the highest level of technology and I am always looking for ways to take our services and quality of care to the next level.

I wanted to establish Swish to be more than a place to get a perfect smile. In addition to fixing smiles, we empower patients to feel better about themselves which then encourages them to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the focus is on empowering my staff and patients to be their best. It is important to me that the environment at Swish is inclusive and welcoming for everyone to experience the comfort and excellence of our care.

I founded Swish Dental in 2017 and it has grown to 16 studios and a local Austin brand that I am incredibly proud of!

Viraj Desai, DMD

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