Affordable dental financing options at Swish

At Swish, we make achieving your dream smile easy and affordable. Our flexible dental financing options ensure that you can get the care you need without the stress of high upfront costs. 

We’ve partnered with multiple providers to offer affordable monthly payment plans with APR as low as 0%.

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Flexible Financing Options

We make it easy

At Swish Dental, we understand that dental care can be a significant investment. That's why we've partnered with top financing providers to offer solutions that fit your budget. Our goal is to make dental care accessible and stress-free, allowing you to focus on your oral health without financial worries.

Benefits of Dental Financing with Swish

Low interest rates

Our financing options come with competitive interest rates, making it easier for you to manage your budget.

Affordable monthly payments

Spread out the cost of your dental care into manageable monthly payments.

No hard credit check

We offer financing solutions that don't require a hard credit check, making it accessible to more patients.

Get the care you need

Prioritize your oral health and get the necessary treatments without delay.

Our Partners

Our Dental Financing Partners

We're dedicated to providing you with the best financing options. We offer exceptional financing solutions through our trusted partners.

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Choosing Cherry for your dental financing at Swish Dental means enjoying flexible payment plans tailored to fit your budget, with no hard credit check, ensuring your credit score remains unaffected. 

With instant approval decisions and high approval rates, Cherry makes financing accessible and convenient. Their transparent terms and competitive interest rates mean no hidden fees or surprises, allowing you to get the dental care you need without financial stress. Plus, managing your account is easy with their user-friendly online platform.

Healthcare Finance Direct

Opting for Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) for your dental financing at Swish Dental provides you with a seamless and accessible solution. HFD offers flexible payment plans with competitive interest rates, making dental care more affordable. 

Their application process is quick and straightforward, with no impact on your credit score thanks to their soft credit check. With 100% approval rates and clear, transparent terms, you can proceed with your dental treatments without worrying about hidden fees or complicated terms. Additionally, HFD's easy online account management ensures you can effortlessly keep track of your payments and account status.

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Choosing CareCredit for your dental financing at Swish Dental means taking advantage of a trusted and versatile payment solution. CareCredit offers flexible financing options with competitive interest rates, allowing you to spread the cost of your dental treatments into manageable monthly payments.

The quick and easy application process often results in instant approvals, so you can proceed with your care without delay. CareCredit’s financing plans are accepted at a wide range of healthcare providers, ensuring continuity of care. With clear terms and no hidden fees, you can confidently manage your dental expenses, while their user-friendly online account management tools make it simple to keep track of your payments and account details.

We've got answers

Frequently asked questions about dental financing

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for?

What services can I get financing for?

You can get financing for any dental services offered at Swish Dental. This includes preventive care, cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, and more.

How do I apply for dental financing?

Applying for dental financing is simple. You can apply directly through our financing partners' websites or get assistance from our office staff during your visit.

How long does the approval process take?

The approval process is usually quick, often providing results within minutes. This allows you to proceed with your dental care without unnecessary delays.

What if I have bad credit?

We offer financing solutions that don't require a hard credit check, making them accessible to patients with less-than-perfect credit. Our partners are willing to work with you to find a suitable plan.

Are there any upfront costs or fees?

Most of our financing options are designed to minimize or eliminate upfront costs. However, it's best to review the specific terms of each financing plan to understand any associated fees.

Can I pay off my financing early?

Yes, many of our financing options allow you to pay off your balance early without any penalties. This can help you save on interest and become debt-free sooner.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, it's important to contact the financing provider immediately. They can provide guidance on how to manage missed payments and avoid any negative impact on your credit score.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be financed?

The minimum and maximum amounts that can be financed vary depending on the provider and the specific plan. Typically, our financing options are flexible enough to cover a wide range of treatment costs.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Yes, you will receive a monthly statement from your financing provider detailing your payment amount, due date, and remaining balance. This helps you stay on track with your payments.

Can I use dental financing if I have insurance?

Absolutely. Dental financing can be used to cover any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your insurance, making it easier to manage any additional costs.

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At Swish Dental, we believe that exceptional dental care should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer convenient and flexible payment options to make your visits more affordable.

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