From general dentistry wellness, to perfecting cosmetic imperfections, to restoring implants and filings, to those painful oral emergencies—Swish has you covered.

All of our locations offer comprehensive services, with compassionate care, at transparent pricing and need.

General & family dentistry

Whether you need a routine cleaning, crown, or filling, the team at Swish will meet your general dentistry needs with quality, comfort-centric service. We are committed to providing you with progressive solutions to all dental services and only use the latest in technology, like low radiation x-rays and digital sensors, to ensure superior treatment.


Gone are the days of wires, rubber bands and food stuck in brackets. We have partnered with Invisalign to provide a series of clear retainers that deliver proven results in less than half the time, at half the average cost, of traditional braces.

Cosmetic dentistry

Leave our office with the smile you’ve always wanted, Swish's cosmetic experts can transform your smile with procedures like veneers, cosmetic contouring, and dental bonding. This is where our dentists become artists!

Our Cosmetic Dentists are also certified to administer Botox for TMJ therapy.

Teeth whitening

Let us brighten your smile! Our whitenings are both easy and non-invasive, and you can remove years of stain and color from your teeth in a single treatment. The question for you is, how white do you want your teeth to be? Natural white? Extra bright? Brilliant? Our dentists will show you your options.

Specialty & Oral surgery

Pesky wisdom teeth, dental implants, and more. The Doctors at Swish Dental and Complete Specialty Solutions provide the best care for all your oral surgery and specialty needs.

Dental emergencies

Even the best cared for teeth occasionally need a little help. No matter the need or emergency, Swish has you fully covered.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Swish doesn't just straighten and brighten your smile, we also help you sleep better with sleep apnea treatment options.